Reaching Muslims for Christ

March 29, 2018

         Reaching out to Muslims is not as easy as meeting them, telling them that Quran is not right and giving them The Good News of Jesus Christ. It requires a lot of wisdom and a smart strategy. By strategy, I mean you need to take several necessary steps to share the Gospel with a Muslim and impact his or her life. The following steps explain the strategy I always use to reach out to my Muslim friends to share The Good News with them.


1. Friendship


- Please do not let the media teach you the definition of being a Muslim. Be friends with them, let them trust you and give them the feeling of being accepted and trusted. Since most of the Muslims in the U.S. look at the Christians as people who usually assume Muslims are terrorists. Let them become a part of your daily life if you are willing to enter their world. 


- Invite them to your parties and events not to share the Gospel at first but only to have fun and gain trust.


2. Start with your own story


- Never attack a Muslim’s beliefs and avoid any religious arguments. 


- Always share your own story in a way they feel you are sharing a story and you are not forcing them to accept the Christian faith. 


- Remember we are not selling a product. We simply are messengers of the most magnificent news of all times. 


3. Let THEM ask questions


- After you get close to them and share your story with them, let them ask you questions and then simply use the word of God to explain the reasons and the truth have changed your life.


- Never ask them why they don’t want to know more about Jesus or come to church. Let them ask you for more information. Wait patiently and pray for them.




- Give them the Bible as a gift for a good occasion like Christmas. And if they want to give you the Quran as a gift accept it and show them respect. For sure, by doing this, you will show them not only you respect their beliefs but also you are a friend not just a missionary who wants to share the gospel then say goodbye and hit the road.


5. Ask them how you can pray for them


- After almost 17 years working with Muslims, sharing the Gospel with them, and serving the Lord in House Churches, I can say this the most powerful way you can touch a Muslim’s heart and make a way to his or her world when you ask how you can pray for them. Remember most of Muslims love to pray. They truly appreciate your prayers. When you start with taking a prayer request instead of evangelizing, they open their heart to you and then you can take another step and share your story and eventually share the Gospel with them. 


6. Invite them to Church


- Invite them to your church or home group and let them know they can pray with you. Please make sure they do not feel you want to convert them. You need to let them know that they are there to pray with you and not to change anything. Let the Holy Spirit do the job. 


- Let them see your act of worship. Let the power of worshiping Jesus touches their hearts. 


- Muslims need to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit to experience God’s presence and feel the difference. I highly recommend when you invite a Muslim to your home group, always make sure not to start with a discussion but always begin with Praise and worship. The power of worship changes their hearts.


7. Share the Gospel by your deeds 


- What they need is deeds, not words. Love them and live the words you preach. Care for them and show them the LOVE Jesus has given you to share with the world. 


- Pray for them and their families.


- Always be available to help.


             Most of the Muslims are good people. They love God, and they are hungry for God. They do not know The Way; they do not know the real God, The Truth. Consequently, we should use any opportunity to reach them and share the Good News with them and always we need to remember it is not a one day project. It is a process we need to follow patiently, and we need the leadership of The Holy Spirit and the powerful word of God to guide us. I hope the experiences I shared with you help you get closer to your Muslim friends and neighbors and share the love of God with them. May God, bless you and direct all your steps. 




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