Rising Up: Facts on Iranian Youth

April 26, 2020





With 35 percent of its population between the ages of 15 and 29, Iran is one of the youngest nations in the world. 


However, these youth are being raised in a society that has an ever-shifting cultural dynamic. They are faced with a traditional mindset at home and in school, but are also increasingly confronted with a more "western" and "progressive" mentality in the media and among their friends. 


These youth crave the social and intellectual freedom that Islam denies them, and are constantly seeking ways to gain that freedom through social media or other means. They are becoming increasingly frustrated with politicians giving them empty promises while they struggle to find jobs and build a life for themselves in a wounded economy. 


These conditions leave many Iranian young people anxious about their futures and virtually hopeless. 


This is a great opportunity for the church to step in and provide the eternal hope that is found in Jesus Christ. Millions of young Iranians spend their time on Instagram or browsing satellite TV where they can hear the Good News from churches all around the world! 


From inside the country, we know that Iran has the FASTEST growing underground church in the entire world, and it's filled with young people hungry for the truth. 


It's time for us to invest in the next generation so that we can see them become leaders for Jesus Christ. 


Here are some ways to pray for the youth in Iran: 

-Pray that these young people would come to know Christ 

-Pray that they will find God's purpose for their lives 

-Pray that God will call more youth into the ministry in Iran 

-Pray that God would protect them from abuse 

-Pray that God will use the youth in Iran to reach the next generation for Christ


In addition to praying for the youth in Iran YOU can become part of the revival taking place in Iran by sharing Bible verses or Christian videos on your instagram page and tagging Iranian people or using hashtags that Iranians would search.  


Let's all work together to share the love of Jesus with Iran! 

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