Reaching Muslims Part 6: Just Say Yes

August 11, 2019



Hey Everyone! 


To switch things up I wanted to share a testimony that Medearis publishes in his book. It's the perfect example of how we can overcome insecurity (which we tend to face when sharing our faith) and access the power of God by simply saying "yes" to Him. It's beautiful and I'm so excited for you guys to read it! 


"The house was gone--swept into the Mediterranean Sea. It was one of thirty houses destroyed the night before in a horrendous storm that hit the Beirut coast. As we sat in the living room of one of the 'good houses,' drinking coffee for a couple hours, I found myself once again feeling helpless and asking God why? These were nomadic Bedouin Arabs who has been displaced during the Lebanese civil war and had built a shanty town along the seafront just five miles from where we lived. And now, even their makeshift huts were gone. 


For me, the day had started off relatively uneventful. I had been trying to give each member of the Lebanese parliament and cabinet a New Testament and then pray with them. Some of the times had been so encouraging, others just hard work. On this particular day, I arrived at a member's house alone--all the friends I had lined up to come with me had dropped out one by one. It was pouring rain, I was hungry, I didn't want to be there. Going up the stairs I muttered a relatively tired prayer, "God, help!" 


I entered a smoke-filled office teaming with men each wanting something from the minister. I fumbled around and mentioned that I was just bringing a gift--that I didn't need anything from the minister. After ten minutes he came over to me and politely said: 'How can I help you?' I told him that I'd come to simply encourage him, pray for him, and give him a gift. When he saw the Bible, his eyes lit up. 'This is the best gift I've ever received.' 


Nearly every time we've given the Bible as a gift, the appreciation has been overwhelming. Gift-giving in general is highly valued in Muslim cultures, and the Word of God is greatly respected. 


We looked through the New Testament together, we talked a bit about how God surely wants to rescue Lebanon from her woes, and I asked him how I could pray for him. He asked if I had heard about the three hundred people who had lost their homes the prior night. I said no. He had just met one of them and was sending some food, but they were going to freeze that evening unless they got blankets. I asked if I could help...


The next thing I knew, I was scrambling for a couple thousand dollars, and later that very day we bought a truckload of blankets and delivered them. The people were beyond grateful. In this little spot on the beach that I never knew existed, only five miles from our house, we now have friends for life. 


Late that night, the minister called me at home. 'Thank you," he said. 'What you've done is what Jesus would do. Whatever I can do for you, just let me know.' 


It's funny how right smack in the midst of our weaknesses and insecurities, God works. We just have to say a simple yes." 


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