Reaching Muslims Pt. 3: How Islam Began

July 10, 2019


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Today we will take a look at what Christians should know about Mohammad and how Islam started. Pay close attention to the “Points for Christians” as they will start to become more specific and in depth. 


Basic Facts about Mohammad: 


-Mohammad was exposed to religion at an early age. 

-Because of his first marriage, he was well connected to trade. 

-Because of his work with trade routes, he was constantly exposed to Christians, Jews, and pantheistic Arabs. He would also spend much of his time talking to them about religion. Over time he became somewhat dissatisfied with the “versions” of God that were presented. 


How Islam Started: 


According to Islamic tradition, Mohammad found a cave on Mt. Hirah, a mountain not far from Mecca. He used this cave to meditate often. It was during a time of meditation that he claimed to have heard the voice of God. Some believe that it was a messenger from God (Gabriel the archangel). During this supposed encounter, Mohammad heard a series of messages which he then wrote down. These message were compiled **after his death into what is now known as the Qur’an. The Muslim calendar officially began in A.D. 622. 


After Mohammad’s encounter, the majority of Arabs did not receive his teachings. Mohammad then began to militarize his new religious movement. His military success allowed access to so much plundered wealth that more and more tribes joined his cause. Mohammad engaged in 76 battles, which are described in the Qur’an. 




1. Do not insult Mohammad or the Qur’an. Speak respectfully about the aspects of Islam. We know that Jesus Christ is the truth. However, we must respect their faith just as we would hope that they respect ours. Showing respect and giving your approval are not the same thing. We must allow the truth to be revealed just as gently as light pushes out darkness. Showing genuine respect is the best way to build a relationship and open doors to future conversations about Jesus. 


2. Avoid debates. It is not a contest or a competition to see who’s faith wins. Jesus does not need our arguments or theological reasonings in order to turn people’s hearts. He can do it all on His own. Our job is to introduce Him and let Him take over. 

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