D4I Serbia: Conference with Lifegate Church

May 27, 2019

Two days ago we were honored with the privilege of attending a conference in South Belgrade hosted by Lifegate church.

Lifegate is

a Serbian church that partners with Americans to minister to the community. However, since the recent influx of refugees, this church in particular has worked very hard to serve the Iranian refugee community. For this reason they invited us to help minister to the Iranians in their congregation.


Upon arrival it was incredible to see the Americans and the Serbs working together to carry out the conference. The purpose of the conference was to bring healing for those who had undergone traumatic experiences and were facing serious hardships.


The pastor brought several American speakers who spoke to the Serbian congregation through an interpreter. They spoke on topics such as choosing righteousness as well as our  identity in Christ. The Iranians in the congregation had learned enough English to understand the general idea of the service, however, they were still in need of being spiritually fed in their own language.



For the portions of the service that were in Serbian, one of our Iranian brothers who had learned the language translated the general idea of the service for us.


Before leaving the conference, we spoke to one of the Iranian sisters who had been attending Lifegate. She told us about the pastor of Lifegate and how hard he had been working to serve them and help them grow. However, it was clear that without Iranians to help teach these believers, it would be difficult for them to have a strong walk with Christ. Thankfully, this sister also attends the services that we hold and is able to receive spiritual food in Farsi.



It was beautiful to see all of the different cultures working together for the furtherance of the gospel. Please pray that our churches will be able to reach out to these believers and disciple them effectively so that they can carry out the great commission as well.


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