Beauty in Spring

February 4, 2019


It all started in the Spring of 2009. I was consumed with my thoughts and filled with restlessness. During that time, I would try talking to god. Even though I didn’t have a personal relationship with him, I would still try to confide in him. 


My greatest heartache during that time was my husband Parviz’s addiction. The stress would result in sleepless nights as I thought about what I could possibly do to help Parviz break free from his addiction. We would fight over and over again, and although he wanted to put aside his addiction, he would only succeed for a short amount of time before returning to it. This pattern continued until the Spring of 2009 when one of Parviz’s friends who unbeknownst to us had been a Christian for about two years, gave Parviz a small book titled: “The Steps of God for the Salvation of Man.” I read the book and loved the beautiful message that it contained. I then asked Parviz’s friend to come to our home and answer some questions I had about certain parts of the book. The things that I learned were so beautiful to me, and inside I felt that this was how Parviz could break free from his addiction. 


This friend then gave me a Bible and offered to answer any questions I had regarding it. As soon as I started reading it I realized how lovely the passages were… and after a short while, our friend decided to take us to a house church meeting for the very first time. It was there that we witnessed people worshipping God in the most wonderful way. It was as if I had stepped onto an entirely different planet! 


After two months I no longer had trouble sleeping at night and felt so at peace. When I would pray or read my Bible It was like I had found a treasure…as though I had entered a completely different world. 


Parviz’s friend then took us to an event celebrating the day of Pentecost. On that day I saw the power of The Lord in such a beautiful way. His presence was so strong and marvelous! 


During this time I would spend my days praying, reading the Bible, and going to house church meetings. I enjoyed it all so much and had so many beautiful experiences with The Lord! For six months I was walking in the strength of God’s presence while Parviz was still struggling with addiction. However, I did not lose hope. I stood firm and continued to pray for Parviz’s salvation and his freedom from addiction. 


I continued praying until one day Parviz was home alone watching The Salvation Network’s TV program with Brother Reza Safa. While watching this program he decided to pray along with Reza Safa for his own addiction. That day The Lord miraculously saved him, and even Parviz said that The Lord worked in him in such a way that it was as if he never had an addiction. I praise The Lord for this miracle and the many other marvelous works that He has done in my life!  

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