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January 15, 2019


I recently went to the store and picked up a book that pastors from all over America had been raving about. The book was I Declare War by Pastor Levi Lusko. The whole book covers tactics and strategies necessary in order to “win the war with yourself.” Given that we live in an age where distractions are plentiful, and self-discipline is becoming increasingly difficult, I quickly devoured the book, eager to apply the principles that I had learned. 


After reading the book I thought to myself: “How great would it be if this book were in Farsi?!” 


In America it is relatively easy to gain permission and translate devotional books into Farsi. However, in Iran it is illegal to publish any form of Christian literature. 


The advances in technology have made access to good Christian material much easier. Unfortunately, paper copies are very hard to find in Iran. Paper copies are either smuggled into Iran or illegally copied in homes. 


Elam Ministries published that one church believer obtained 2,500 Christian books and after two weeks had none left. 


Overall there is a severe shortage of Christian books in Farsi. Many of the books that are available in Farsi are old and out of date. Iran is in desperate need of books such as theological books, commentaries, devotional books, and books on practical issues such as marriage, parenting, and the Christian life. 


Join us in praying that more Christian books will be written/translated and published in Farsi. Also pray that these believers in Iran will be able to gain access to these resources so that they may grow in Christ! 

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