Our Love Story

November 25, 2018


When I was lost… confused and depressed, Like a dried-up sapling with fading, withering leaves…you came. You came to reveal the truth that you were always with me, all while I was filling the room in my heart with everything other than You. 


But on that day, You came and breathed into the loneliness of my heart a story of love. 


You came and rained gently on the dry, vast desert of my heart. 


You held me in your arms, kissed my head and said, “come my child” and gave me a new life, O Lord, and a miracle began. 


Throughout my life I didn’t know why I would fall further and further away from the Lord. I was empty inside, and utterly confused. It was difficult for me to have a relationship with God, and I thought that because he brought me into this world, it was his responsibility to supply all my needs and grant me whatever I wished for. 


Worry, anxiety and fear gripped my entire being. I felt a void inside, being upset at everyone and everything I felt hopeless and helpless, asking myself, “Why should I continue living anymore?!” 


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any answer for that. I no longer had any desire to pray or worship the Lord in my heart. 


Until one day, all of a sudden, a calming, reassuring voice came to my ears from the radio. The person was speaking about the love and forgiveness of a person named Jesus Christ who called himself God. It was as if the voice on the radio was speaking to me. My whole being was arrested by his words until I no longer had the strength to stand. I crumpled on the floor and for over 20 minutes listened to the radio program with overwhelming joy. I felt that everything they were saying was meant for me. I felt my heart leading me to contact the speaker of that radio program, and soon after they invited me to church. That night I couldn’t stop thinking about everything that I had heard and couldn’t sleep at all. The next morning, I was the first one at church and met with the Pastor. 


Fifteen years have passed since that day, and I boldly and proudly proclaim that since Christ came into my life, everything changed, and I realized that the greatest that God could possibly give is the gift of His own glorious presence. Just as the Bible describes people being born again after placing their faith in Jesus Christ, I too was born again. 


I changed so drastically that those around me became curious, especially my son who found a change in my spirit, and when I found an opportunity to talk to him about Christ the living God, he who had slipped into depression after his father’s death and at times would even contemplate suicide, found a desire to get to know the one true God. After a short period of time he placed his faith in Jesus Christ and found new life. 


To conclude, I would like to read from Psalm 30: 11 which truthfully expresses my life story: 


“Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing:

thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness;

To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent.

O Lord my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.” 

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