Hard to Breathe: Drug Trafficking in Iran

October 29, 2018



Over the past six years, the number of drug addicts in Iran has more than  doubled. With as many as 2.8 million Iranians regularly consuming drugs, it is clear that these young Iranians are trying to find a way to cope with the society that they live in and fill an emptiness that Islam has failed to remedy. 


Both heroin and opium are pouring in from neighboring countries, including Afghanistan which produces 90% of the world’s opium. Opium itself makes up over 67% of Iran’s drug consumption. As the Iranian government tries to suppress traffickers, it seems that the number of heroin and opium users in Iran is only increasing. Critics say that officials are working with the drug traffickers to push their own agenda, but that has yet to be determined. 


According to the World Drug Report of 2014, Iran accounted for over 74% of the world’s opium seizures. 


Many say that it is the economic deficit and lack of jobs that is causing the widespread addiction. Some say that it is the sudden abundance of cheap heroin and opium. However, we know that the root of this problem is found in the skyrocketing depression and suicide rates among Iranians. The real problem is rooted in their hearts. 


The people of Iran are trying to use drugs to create an escape from their reality...to numb the pain...and to find temporary pleasure...but all they are doing is trying to fill a void that can only be filled by the love of Jesus Christ. 


We know that Christian rehabilitation centers have extremely successful programs for overcoming drug addiction. We must pray that more of these centers open in Iran where addicts can be introduced to Christ and a solid program to help them break free from drug use. 


Please join us in praying for the drug abuse in Iran. 




Pray that these people will experience spiritual freedom and as a result freedom from their addictions. 


Pray for families that have been scarred by addiction to experience healing in Jesus Christ. 


Pray for more Christian rehabilitation centers. 



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