Crying Louder

October 15, 2018



Have you ever felt desperate? Placed in a situation where you felt no way out? That the only thing that could save you was a miracle?  

In Luke chapter 18 the Bible talks of a man who felt just that. Desperation, and an acute sense of his need for Christ. 

Before I expound upon it, can I just say how much I love the thoughts that he pours into my heart, for they convict and challenge me in ways that I never dreamed of.

Jesus was on His way to Jericho. As He was passing through, a blind man sat by the wayside begging. When he heard the multitude pass by he asked those around him what it meant.


V. 37 “And they told him, that Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.”

What if they never told him? What if those people had been so absorbed in themselves that they completely ignored this blind beggar? I think the significance of this passage starts with those four words: “And they told him…” That made all the difference. 


These next verses brought tears to my eyes…mostly because I know this feeling. I know the feeling of crying out for Jesus to save me. I know the feeling of complete desperation as I shamelessly cry out into the darkness begging Him to help me. I know the feeling of panic, hoping with all my heart that it isn’t too late. Hoping with all my heart that he is not beyond the sound of my cries. Anxiously reaching out, crawling, and stumbling as I cry louder and louder. Tears flowing from my blind eyes.


The man cries out to Jesus. Those around him tried to rebuke him, but the Bible says “he cried so much the more.”

This man was so acutely aware of his need for Jesus. It amazes me. When those around him tried to quiet him down, he only cried louder. 


Every person we come across, whether they admit it or not, is in this exact state. They are crying out for hope, for truth, for healing and new life. They are crying out, some louder than others, for Jesus. 


What happens next is simply one of the most beautiful pictures of GRACE in scripture. 


Jesus stood, and commanded the people to bring him.

How often has God commanded me to bring someone to Him? How often have I refused the command out of selfishness?

So often God lays certain people on our hearts, but we ignore His leading so that we won't have to leave our comfort zones. 


Jesus asked “What wilt thou that I shall do unto thee?”

And the blind man replied: “Lord, that I may receive my sight.”

The Bible says “And immediately he received his sight, and followed him, glorifying God:”


The last two words are essentially the focal point of the whole passage: 


"glorifying God." 


We don't tell others about Jesus for benefits or personal gain, we tell others about Jesus to GLORIFY HIM. When we answer the still small voice urging us to witness to the cashier at the supermarket or our next door neighbor, it brings God glory. That is our purpose in life. That is why we live and breathe. 


Lord, help us proclaim Your name throughout every nation, so that we may bring You GLORY. In Jesus' name, Amen. 

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