Refugees in Corona crisis



The Bible says that, “God created man in His own image and likeness” (Genesis 1:27), so whatever is inhuman is anti-God. The author of Genesis makes it clear that in all creation, man is a unique being, because a particle of the existence of God is placed in every human being, and every human being everywhere has a manifestation of the divine being.
Even if the mirror of man's existence is rusty and dusty, even if he is polluted with the world and its inclinations and no clear reflection of the divine existence can be seen in him, he is still extremely valuable in the sight of God.
Psalm 115: 16 says, “The heavens are the LORD's heavens, but the earth he has given to the children of man.” So there is a realm where everything is according to the will of God and it is called heaven or paradise, but on earth there is a different situation, here is the realm of man. 
Keeping human beings in inhumane conditions, not paying attention to their basic needs and brutal behaviors, causes harm, destroys their human dignity and has a destructive effect on their souls and lives.
Asylum seekers, frustrated by their precarious situation, try to reach Western Europ by boarding trucks or in train carriages, and even on foot. But these efforts are very rarely successful, and of course it has serious consequences, beaten and returned by border guards.

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August 2020


Agues 2020


Asylum seekers are in a worse position, especially because of the Corona crisis. Economic problems have negatively affected the ability of governments to provide the minimum facilities for asylum seekers, and in some areas have already crossed the critical line.

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These are children who were wrapped in a piece textile and handed over to their parents upon discharge from the hospital. According to defined protocols, hospitals accept asylum seekers free of charge for some hospital services, in- cluding childbirth, but how can parents who have not had a job or income for several years displaced to meet their baby's most basic needs?

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The Christian foundation “Bridge to the Nations”, in cooperation with a group of members and believers, always provides some needed items such as baby clothes, blankets, powdered milk, bottles, strollers, toys and Etc.


These are the children of a generation who need a safe environment called home and kind and hardworking parents. They need to be trained and their potential talents nurtured so that they can prepare for life in the community and build their future. But in this endless vanity, along with tired and hopeless parents, under the shadow of all kinds of insecurity, violence and abuse, what future really awaits them?

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Due to the limitations of the Corona crisis, attending prayer and worship ses- sions are only possible in some areas, and in other cases, including new believ- ers in Iran, online classes have been replaced.

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One of the major problems for the growth of new-born Christians and the training of worthy servants among them is the lack of a long-term attitude and educational service and the constant presence of certified ministers and teach- ers in these countries. Connections with local churches, especially the Orthodox Church, led us to have servants like Father Zhiv’ko join us in answering the questions of new believers.

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As usual, when we meet people, we all look at differences at first glance, as- sessing them in ethnic, racial, social, and economic categories, and then judging them and the circumstances in which they find themselves. We see them simply as a result of their own lifestyle, mistakes and ignorance. In this view, attention to the divine manifestation in human beings and their value to the Creator is ignored. But if we come and look at the similarities first, that is, see people as God sees them, we will find that they are still valuable to God.