We request that you be in prayer for us so that we become salt and light in this world and fulfill our purposes here in Serbia, which include: fellowshipping with these refugees to see who has a genuine desire to know the Lord and serve Him, reaching distant camps in different cities, discipling new believers, spreading the Gospel to those who have not heard, taking care of sick or defenseless women and children.

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-Finding a larger space to hold our church services so that we can incorporate sound systems and other features to help invite refugees as well as other laborers who desire to extend their ministries into this realm. 



Easier transportation for the refugees. Most of the camps are far from the cities which keeps many of the refugees from coming to church. 

Access to other areas in which we can hold Christian conferences and seminars so that we can teach the refugees and help them grow spiritually before they go to the West (or even back to their home countries). 

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Provide educational books, as well as english lessons to help us make connections and build relationships with the refugees. Provide the materials and ingredients necessary to serve the refugees in church services and in meetings.


Establish conferences and seminars to evangelize the refugees and help them grow/learn about the Word of God. We also hope to be able to invite other well-known and established farsi speaking preachers to speak to the refugees. Even now we are making plans to have one of these conferences in March 2021.


May you remain victorious in the name of the lord...


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