Are you a foresighted parent?

Are you a foresighted parent?
Do you pay attention to your children's dreams?
Do you care about their abilities?
Do you think of suitable patterns for cultivating them?

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The Bible says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish, ..." Foresight is the foundation of a good life and causes hope to grow and flourish in us. Without dreams, not only will we have no desire to live, but we will just be like wandering spirits in this world. 
Foresighted parents pass on this gift to their children and in fact help them to become purposeful and determined personalities. 
As we know, the main reason for asylum seekers migrating to developed countries is to find job opportunities and a better future for their families and children. But there is no doubt that aimless migration, especially in families without special skills, is a devastating phenomenon in which children are more harmed than their parents.


Lack of familiarity with an international language, inability to communicate with peers, coping with all kinds of discrimination, inability to accept and understand unfamiliar cultures along with poverty and family disorder and all the problems that have been imposed on them during this critical journey and in the temporary camps shake their small world even more. A law in physics states that water cannot stand above its source. This concept also applies to the children of asylum seekers. When parents do not have a specific purpose for their lives, it is obvious that in addition to themselves, they also create an insecure environment for their children and leave them helpless in the struggle for life. First and foremost, parents need to have a clear picture of their children's future in order to make a constructive impact.

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Most of the children in the camps do not have a dream that they can hope to achieve. Generally, their only dream is to reach their destination and have a safe environment. The heroes of these children are violent and warlike creatures who can lead them to their destinations and aspirations with their supernatural powers. Traffickers are one of the new role models for migrant children. Parents have the opportunity every day to chart a bright future for their children, even when things do not look good at all. Therefore, it is enough to pay special attention to this image to give it endless blessings. Let's take a step to inform these parents about their children's education.



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